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Older Crowns need replacement with deep bite

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Mouth Makeover

This patient presented in November of 2014 with older crowns that were placed 25 years ago in another dental office.  The edges were staining and unappealing, there was decay around the edges of many of the teeth. There were spaces and uneven gum contours.  The contacts were too tight.   She desired a more youthful and attractive smile.  Upon examination, it was found that she had a very deep bite that was needing correction before the new crowns could be made.  The deep bite was causing excessive wear on the teeth and was contributing to a TMJ problem where she was getting frequent headaches.  There was a bite correction that was necessary prior to any treatment and that was preformed to eliminate a slide in her bite. The headaches and slide were gone.   It was suggested that she get the decay under control with treatment restorations just to eliminate decay.  Follow up with an orthodontic consult to lessen the deep bite and allow for a better final look and bite.  This would also allow her to stage the restorative portion of treatment with crowns into two stages.  WIthout braces, the upper and lower teeth would have to get restored at  the same time to help align the bite.  

Braces were done after one year and the patient had all of the decay gone and under control.  In March of 2016 a wax-up was ordered from the lab that was used to make the provisional restorations.  The Preparations of the upper teeth were done in April of 2016.  The provisional restorations were worn for two weeks and approved of for shape, comfort and phonetics.  The final crowns were seated two weeks later.  The lower teeth were prepared in February of 2017 and then seated two weeks later after the same provisional procedure.  

This case showcases a comprehensive well coordinated effort by this Traverse City Dentist and his team of professionals  to rebuild a decaying, bad bite, worn dentition into a beautiful, well functioning, cosmetic end result.  The patient is extremely happy with the result and is now in maintenance mode where the teeth just need to be cleaned and monitored every 6 months.  She is using prescription strength fluoride daily  along with diet control to prevent further decay. A beautiful result for a beautiful lady.  


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