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Traverse City, MI Smile Makeover to improve bite and appearance

Procedure Details

This patient presented with teeth that were older in appearance than she was. She wished for a smile to be proud of, one that was more youthful and vibrant. After examination and documentation, a plan and cost estimate was made to get her what she wished for. A wax up of the case was done to show what the final restorations could look like. The preparations were done over a two day period. The provisional restorations were made from the wax up. The patient was able to test drive the result to be sure she was pleased and everything was the way she wanted it. After approving of the provisional restorations, the final crowns were ordered. Aesthetic Zirconia was chosen for strength, durability and awesome appearance. There was little adjustment to the temporaries and the final crowns were placed uneventfully. This patient can now smile and look the way she has always wanted and deserves to look like. Call us today and get the smile that belongs with you. You will feel better about yourself and it will show in the presentation of your smile. If you are embarrassed by or ashamed of your teeth, something can be done about it.

Smile Makeover

This case shows how a dentition can become worn and unattractive in appearance.  What I call "tooth at a time" dentistry typically ignores wear and aesthetics of a smile.  Smiles become dull and patients do not smile fully when asked to show their teeth.  The patients smile with their lips but not the whole face, not the eyes.  Once these restorations were placed, the patient was smiling differently, better, fully all the way to her eyes.  There was a sparkle that was not there before.  This office looks at the total picture when a person becomes a patient here.  We have an initial examination that documents everything and we empower the patient to have things done as they wish them to be done.  WE LISTEN!  We love our patients as family, treat them that way and the results are amazing.  I have been practicing dentistry for over 33 years and I still love my job.  It is cases like this that bring all of my training in esthetics together and allow me to transform smiles into what a patient has always wanted.  You should have "age appropriate" teeth.  That is you should not be 60 years old and have 80 year old teeth.  We see wear in young dentitions and we do something about it.  Prevention is easier than treatment.  Come see us and have your teeth treated by a well trained, happy and vibrant dental team.  You will be amazed at the difference and how easy dentistry can be. 


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